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1st blog post!!!

Hey yall thanks for subscribing to Queen Affirmations. Welcome!! I hope your following on ig @queen_affirmations and Queen affirm on facebook for daily affirmations and updates and enjoying it and gaining something from it!! Thats the whole point to learn and grow!!🙌🏾🙌🏾

Just to introduce my self my name is Jade I live in the bay area, I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I am a single mom of two boys ages 8&9 and an emergency Room Nurse. I started this page and all its entities from just trying to be more positive during these trying times. Trying to do the work and make necessary changes so I can function to my full potential in my purpose in life.

God put it in my heart to start this page and encouragement boxes and at first I was like nah...I have no time 🙄😩 No way I can start that😕...I had a millions reasons why but all that to say God was the one reason why and truely all I needed🙌🏾🙌🏾. Its my lil growing baby that I hope to help assist a northern sister in leveling up!! Something I truely belive in and enjoy. I believe you are what you speak about...what you think you are you become. So my focus is on affirming who you are so you know who you are and speak positively into your life negative talk. No putting your self down. It doesn't serve you and to grow it has to stop. So tell a friend to tell a friend so we can all grow and continue to glow out here!! Check out my website and order my first encouragement box that is filled with uplifting and natural items that can help achieving and manifesting your best life!! Reach out if you need some extra encouragement or have a question about ordering the boxes!! I really hope yall enjoy them and most of all get something out of it!!

Thanks for the support

Love ya and continue to love on ya self,

Queen Affirm

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